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Union J are a British four-piece boy band consisting of members; Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett, Jaymi Hensley and George Shelley. The group were formed through the ninth series of British television music competition, The X Factor in 2012, in which they finished in fourth position. They subsequently signed a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment’s subsidiary label, RCA Records.

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Oct 17, 2012

It seems that the lads from Union J have been getting some celebrity help during their journey on The X Factor.
The four piece boyband have been much compared to former X Factor finalists One Direction, not least because one of their members – George Shelley – looks like the twin brother of 1D star Harry Styles.
It seems that Haz realises the similarities too, as insiders have suggested that the curly haired cutie has been giving his new protege some tips on how to drive the ladies wild, and it al starts with his hair!
A source told The Mirror that after the boys bumped into each other backstage at the ITV show, Harry texted George, giving some ‘jokey’ advice.
They explained:
“Harry and George swapped numbers as the two groups are bound to start bumping into each other around the scene.”
“Harry sees a lot of himself in George, so wanted to pass on a jokey text revealing his own secret, which is why he told him to never cut his curls as he reckons his hair makes him such a hit with the ladies.
George was laughing and showed the text to a couple of people, but I’d say there’s no way he’ll be going for any drastic haircuts from now on.”
Union J have now met One Direction on a number of occasions and on Saturday night’s show, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne were featured giving them some pointers on how to succeed in the series.
Their advice included the much used line ‘just be yourself,’ and the often heard ‘just have fun.’
Speaking afterwards the X Factor wannabes admitted that they were awestruck by the famous lads and said:
“It was awesome to meet them as they’ve been in the same position we’re in now, a couple of years ago.”
If their mentor Louis Walsh has anything to do with it, they will be following the 1D path to fame as soon as the series ends.
They are one step closer to making it in the music industry, after avoiding elimination last weekend. The lads won praise for their version of ‘Bleeding Love’ (as chosen by Kye Sones) and sailed through to next week’s show, avoiding elimination.
George was elated to have survived and tweeted:
“Seriously though, thank you to everyone who voted! Singing and performing is everything to us, and were so thankful for everything. George X”
This weekend the acts will get to sing their favourite dance anthems on the live show. Check out all the details and previous song choices for this week’s club classics theme here.


I really like union j because they remind me of one direction. Union J is now my second favorite band. One direction is first! I’ve been by One Directions side ever since the begging and now its time to start with union j.

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